What is PersonalLoans.com?

PersonalLoans.com is committed to making the process of receiving loans an easy experience for consumers. With their network of lenders and partners, consumers can expect to receive loans ranging from $1000 to $35,000. PersonalLoans.com makes it possible for individuals to obtain a loan regardless of their financial needs. Whether they require it for home improvements, medical expenses, debt consolidation, or any other financial obligation.

PersonalLoans.com Personal Loans Review

Do They Offer Personal Loans?

It is important to note that PersonalLoans.com does not directly provide loans. They are not a lending institution. PersonalLoans.com operates as an online marketplace that connects lenders to borrowers. They make the loan process seamless and effortless for borrowers. Individuals can anticipate making contact with lenders offering praiseworthy loans.

How Do I Apply?

To receive a loan through PersonalLoans.com, applicants must complete an online request form. Once this is achieved, individuals can expect to receive information and offer from lenders within PersonalLoans.com’s network.  Basic details are required such as personal, income and banking information.

Whether the applicant’s credit score is high or low, they can anticipate receiving an offer that is conducive to their needs.  However, it is preferred by lenders that applicants exhibit a level of responsibility.  Individuals that have recently experienced bankruptcy, or are more than three months behind on payments or are experiencing other significant difficulties with their finances may experience hardships in receiving a loan.

It is important to note that individuals must be 18 years of age or older to apply for a loan. They must have an income whether through employment, social security benefits or any other form of reliable revenue. Bank accounts are required as funds are deposited there once the loan is approved and consumers can expect to receive their funds in their account within one business day.

Once the application is completed, it is submitted to lenders for approval. When approved, terms and conditions are defined, and an agreement must be signed. Monthly payments and the expected date for the loan payback are also outlined.

Typically, consumers are offered rates ranging between 5.99% and 35.99% and are expected to pay off their loan within 6 to 72 months. However, this is dependent on the agreed terms and rates offered.


The benefit to using PersonalLoans.com is that there are no hidden fees or charges. The service provided by PersonalLoans.com as well as the application process is effortless and easy to comprehend.

Consumers have expressed their appreciation for the services provided by PersonalLoans.com. It eases the process of finding the right loan and enables consumers to make an educated choice before funds are borrowed.

PersonalLoans.com Personal Loans Review