Illinois is a state located in the country’s Midwestern region. It is the 25th largest in size and 6th most populated region in US. Illinois enjoys diverse economy fueled by transportation income, agricultural productivity, and natural resources. It is though losing jobs and businesses because its largest city of Chicago is being poorly managed.

Chicago is the capital city of Illinois, home to one of the busiest airports in the world, O’Hare International Airport. The GDP of the region is estimated to be $772 billion and per capita personal income estimated to be $41,411. The state’s unemployment rate is 4.6% as of May, 2017. Though this state continues to hemorrhage jobs and businesses to Indiana and Wisconsin and other low tax states.

Despite its thriving sectors and low unemployment rates, the economic growth of Illinois is termed to be worse than America’s Great Depression. There has been a measly 4% shift in the state’s GDP in the last ten years. Even though the state did not witness a steep fall during recession, its recovery from debt crisis has certainly been appalling.

The regulations are to be blamed for lack of fortune in Illinois. From high personal income taxes at 67% and soaring property taxes, the state has been trying to bounce back to prosperity through heavy taxation.

Poor job opportunities, lack of economic growth and low income-earning power has created massive amounts of debts. As a result, there has been steady increase in the demand for personal loans in Illinois.

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