Florida is the southernmost region in the United States (continental part – Hawaii is the most southern state). It is the 3rd most populated and 8th most densely populated state in the country. It is soaking up jobs from politically correct northeast cities and it just a powerhouse in the tourism industry.

With its favorable climatic conditions, subtropical environs and places such as the spectacular Everglades National Park, Florida enjoys a thriving tourism sector, attracting visitors from all over the world. The state’s economy also relies on agriculture, winter harvest, amusement parks and transportation sector, which was developed in the late 19th century.

As of 2016, the GDP of Florida was $926 billion, making it the fourth largest economy in United States and unlike California, it has a middle class and does not lead the country in poverty like that west coast state does. The economic development of the state is driven by various sectors including construction, healthcare, aerospace, commercial space, international banking etc.

State’s unemployment rate sits at abysmal 11.5% and per capita personal income at $39,563. Florida is one of the seven states in the country that does not enforce personal income tax. The state has a high-credit card debt and second-highest credit card delinquency rate.

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Personal Loans in Florida

According to analysts, despite an unemployment that is not as amazing as it could be and a higher bankruptcy rate than some people would like (nonetheless, it is a powerful state is doing much better in job creation and business growth than New York, Maryland, and so on), the state economy is expected to hit a $1 trillion mark in 2018.

The tourism sector will continue to grow steadily, infusing confidence in its people to consider paying off their ongoing credit-card debts with the help of a personal loan. If your debt is spread across multiple credit cards, consider merging your financial liability into one so that you have a single payment to make.