A personal loan has become a simple and easy way for people to get the cash they need during unexpected emergencies or to pay off high-interest debt they have accrued. With that said, personal loans can also be used for wedding preparations, home repairs, and even family vacations. With a great standing credit score, you can get the personal loan that is best suited for you.

Lingo of A Personal Loan

When applying for a personal loan, you will come across terminology that is synonymous with personal loans. Therefore, it is essential that if you are new to the industry of loans, you become acquainted with these terms.

Personal Loans in Baltimore, MD
  1. Secured Loan – A loan that requires collateral for approval. This is normally for loans above $25,000 and is used as a method to ensure payment for risky loans.
  2. Unsecured Loans – A loan that does not require collateral. However, if you are late on the loan it will still affect your credit score drastically.
  3. Credit Score – Your overall score according to the three main credit bureaus depending on your financial history.
  4. Interest Rate – The amount of money you will pay monthly alongside your minimum payment for your personal loan.
  5. Gross Income – Your income before taxes.
  6. Total Amount Repayable – The capital amount borrowed with the interest charged.

Know Your Credit Score

Once you have become acquainted with the terms used during personal loans, it is time to check your credit score.

Why is check your credit score important?

Checking your credit score gives you a bit of insight as to what the lender will see when you apply for a personal loan. It also provides an opportunity to dispute any discrepancies and better prepare yourself when looking for the best possible lender. It is always best to look for lenders that work with your credit score average. In Baltimore, there are many personal loan lenders that work with your credit score, whether they are credit unions, banks, or private lenders.

Shop Around for The Best Lender

When shopping around for the best lender, look for the following:

  • Interest rates
  • Fees
  • Terms and conditions
  • Reviews
  • Physical address

Shopping around for the best personal loan is as equally important as shopping for a mortgage. The reason being that a personal loan with high interest and many fees can harm you in the long run and leave you feeling burdened. Therefore, it is always best to look for the top lenders in your area and what they offer.