How Long Does It Take To Get a Personal Loan From Marcus

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How Long Does It Take To Get a Personal Loan From Marcus?

If you are in need of some extra funds for various personal reasons, a personal loan can be a viable option. Marcus by Goldman Sachs is a well-known and reputable lender that offers personal loans to borrowers in the United States. However, one common question among potential borrowers is how long it takes to get a personal loan from Marcus. In this article, we will explore the process and timeline for getting a personal loan from Marcus, along with some frequently asked questions.

The Application Process:

The first step in obtaining a personal loan from Marcus is to complete the application process. Marcus offers a streamlined online application process that allows borrowers to apply from the comfort of their own homes. To apply, you will need to provide some personal and financial information, including your name, address, income, employment status, and social security number. You will also need to disclose the loan amount you are seeking and the purpose of the loan.

Once you have submitted your application, Marcus will review your information and conduct a credit check. The credit check is used to assess your creditworthiness and determine the interest rate and loan terms you may qualify for. Marcus typically provides a decision on loan applications within a few minutes.

Loan Approval and Funding:

If your loan application is approved, Marcus will send you a loan agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the loan. It is important to carefully review this agreement to ensure you understand the terms before accepting the loan. Once you have reviewed and accepted the loan agreement, Marcus will initiate the funding process.

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The exact timing of the funding process can vary depending on a few factors. Firstly, the method of funding can affect the timeline. Marcus offers ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments and check payments. ACH payments are typically faster and can take as little as 1-4 business days to be deposited into your bank account. Check payments, on the other hand, can take longer to arrive by mail and be processed by your bank.

Another factor that can impact the funding timeline is the verification process. Marcus may request additional documentation or information from you to verify your identity, income, or employment. If these verification steps are required, it may take longer to receive your funds.


1. Can I apply for a personal loan from Marcus if I have bad credit?

Yes, Marcus considers applicants with a range of credit scores. However, keep in mind that your credit score will affect the interest rate and loan terms you qualify for.

2. What is the maximum loan amount available from Marcus?

Marcus offers personal loans ranging from $3,500 to $40,000. The loan amount you are approved for will depend on various factors such as your creditworthiness and income.

3. How long do I have to repay the loan?

Marcus offers loan terms of 36 to 72 months, allowing borrowers to choose a repayment period that suits their financial situation.

4. Can I pay off my loan early?

Yes, Marcus allows borrowers to make early payments or pay off their loans in full without any prepayment penalties.

5. Can I use a Marcus personal loan for debt consolidation?

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Yes, many borrowers use Marcus personal loans for debt consolidation purposes. Consolidating multiple debts into one loan can simplify repayment and potentially lower your interest rate.

In conclusion, the length of time it takes to get a personal loan from Marcus can vary depending on the individual circumstances and verification requirements. However, Marcus offers a quick and streamlined application process, with loan decisions typically provided within minutes. Once approved, the funding process can take as little as 1-4 business days for ACH payments. If you are in need of a personal loan, Marcus may be a suitable option to consider.